Garviel Loken


Garviel was born on the planet of Castrovel, a harsh environment for anyone to survive in. Growing up in a settlement deep within the wilderness, Garviel learned at a young age that only the tough survive here. But not only do they survive, they thrive. He spent his days growing up hunting small animals, and when he became older, larger animals. As a rite of passage, he went into the jungle, with only a spear and an old heavy pistol, in search of worthy prey. A hunt which lasted several days, and at the end, he came back to the village, having hunted and killed one of the large beasts, eaten it’s heart and wearing it’s pelt as a throphy.

Now that he had passed into adulthood, Garviel decided to set out into the world, to see the rest of Castrovel, and hunt other large prey. Over time he assembled quite the nice gear for just that purpose; powerful armor he took from the body of a soldier who wanted to kill him, and a heavy blaster he received from a Vesk in return for saving his life.

The vesk persuaded Garviel to accompany with him to Absolom Station, and after a few drinks, Garviel agreed.

Garviel Loken

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